"You started me thinking. Seeing you and talking with you, I finally found out why and what I was thinking. You really helped."
— F.S., 78-year-old widow
When I began meeting with Cynthia, I was dealing with an upcoming marriage, move, and health struggles, in addition to unsolved childhood and past abuse issues.  Her kindness, insight and perceptiveness have greatly contributed to my navigating the new challenges successfully, as well as beginning to unravel some unhealthy patterns from my past. Cynthia continues to be a wise and wonderful guide helping me make my life more effective and happy.
Female, Age 28
"Prior to seeing Cynthia, I felt like I was drowning in my life. Now I have the needed clarity to resolve situations within my family."
— L.S., 36-year-old mother of two
Regarding Cynthia Peikoff I would like to say that I was in a position where I knew I needed help, but didn't know where to turn.  I'm so glad that I decided to get help and that I found the help I needed.  I would highly recommend Cynthia Peikoff to any and all who are searching for that help, searching for a light in the dark.  Together we found that using her plan and sound advice, I navigated through what was a difficult time for me.  I needed perspective and focus and through her counseling that is what I received.  In particular she was able to help me see through the veil upon which I was choosing to dwell.  I would encourage anyone reading this to take the leap of faith and make the first call to reach out for help; it has proven to be a great step for me, and I feel very fortunate to have found Ms. Peikoff.

Male, Age 44

"I really don't think it's possible to put into words the gratitude I feel for your help.  Nothing could have ever prepared me for the obstacles I've faced this year, and I reached a point where I was beginning to feel utterly defeated.  Then you cycled back into my life, and helped me to dig my head out of the sand and take a good look at my surroundings.  You taught me to see things from multiple perspectives, and how to cope with all that life throws at me.  You taught me how to grow from my experiences and I have since been using that skill every day, and it's bettered my outlook on life exponentially. 

Thank you for not making me feel like a clinical case study and making the effort to understand me on a personal level.  You held my hand when I truly needed it, and when I was ready, you encouraged me to be independent--which I eventually needed even more.  Thank you for your patience and for the genuine concern you've demonstrated for my well-being.  Thank you for not only being my therapist, but also for being a very kind friend."

 Female, Age 24
"You are very goal directed. My problem is that I get lost in things. I need help out of it, which is why I came to you. Specifically, to learn how to do it myself."
— T.P., 24-year-old

 With honesty, feedback, interaction, state of the art activities, and humor, Cynthia, (Ms. Peikoff), guided me toward self-realization and acceptance.  In addition to talk therapy, she introduced me to cognitive behavioral strategies such as “Who is Driving the Car?”  This visualization of who, in me, had the power to lead--emotion or thought--relieved my roller coaster of panic. 

As a damaged adult with childhood traumas, I can at long last be myself (as one persona), safely and securely, without a closet full of masks.  I look, feel and think better than ever after years of masking double haunts: doubt and fear. If ever there were a life boat, Cynthia would be at the helm.

Female, Age 63
You have a heart!  I think you’re a great therapist and I appreciate you help, time and energy.
Female, Age 46
"I've talked to a few counselors in my life, and Cynthia is the only one who really helped me.  Other counselors gave me someone to talk to and an outside perspective on my thoughts and actions, which was helpful, but Cynthia went beyond this to provide me with real advice.  She is sympathetic and caring, but no-nonsense--she will tell it to you like it is.  I have recommended her to a few of my friends."
Male, Age 28
I can’t thank you enough for all the insights you helped me achieve.  I’m very happy to report that after dating many guys, I’ve found one who is perfect for me.  He meets all the essential criteria we talked about.  This seems to be the real deal.
Female, Age 30