Here's What I Offer You

Psychotherapy Services

I want to help you solve the most immediate problems in your life first. Together we can come up with a road map for your therapy. We will look at the choices you are making to see if they help you or hurt you. If certain habits of thinking or behavior are making it difficult for you to find these answers, I will point it out to you and assist you in introspecting or thinking about them.

When Your Emotions Rule

Sometimes one's emotions are so overwhelming, that just having a therapist listen and reflect upon them with you is most helpful. To be realistic, not every problem may have a neat and tidy solution. At these times, I can help you come to grips with this fact and learn how to go on with your life.

Your Personal Happiness

Your own happiness should be your number one priority. It enables you to function at your best with others and in every endeavor of your life. While working with you, I tend to focus on the way you use your mind. I believe that emotions are a product of your thoughts, not under your direct control. By changing the way we think, only then can we change the way we feel. Life shouldn't feel like a tidal wave over which we have no control. Life has too much to offer. Why suffer?

Controlling Others

I don't believe that controlling other people is a means to fulfilling relationships, so I try to help you identify that which is under your control and that which is not.

Your Long Term Goal

The goal of my practice is to assist you in dealing with the ebb and flow of life by teaching you techniques that you can use long after our sessions are done. If we share some laughter along the way, that will be delightful too.

How Much Therapy & How Long?

The length of therapy will be determined by you. Some people only need one to twelve sessions to gain clarity in their lives and make changes. Others need more support during times of trouble. If your particular problem is outside my area of expertise, I may refer you to a therapist who might better meet your needs. Always, I want what is best for you.

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

Working with two people who are in a romantic relationship is called Couples Counseling or Marital Therapy. The goal of therapy is to increase the happiness, closeness and commitment of each person. My roadmap or method I follow is based upon the brilliant work of Dr. Susan Johnson called Emotion Focused Therapy. I believe it is the "gold standard" for couples seeking to resolve longstanding problems between them. The real need of all of us is to feel safe undressing our soul in front of the one we love. Safety with your lover creates increased confidence and resilience when out in the world. The bond of love is what gives us courage, hope, inspiration. It's worth fighting to repair if it's broken. If we find on the journey that it cannot be saved, then I will help the two of you face the future together.

Authentic Happiness™ Coaching

Coaching differs from psychotherapy in that we focus on the present almost exclusively. We tend not look at psychological problems, but instead focus on your strengths and values to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

Specific exercises have been scientifically developed to improve optimism, gratitude and decrease negative thinking. Authentic Happiness™ Coaching is a new field of psychology developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, which looks at happiness from three distinct perspectives:

  1. Daily pleasures of living, such as hobbies, exercise and socializing with others.
  2. Increasing the amount of time you spend using your top strengths and assets. Doing so will enable you to be more productive at work, while experiencing more satisfaction in your life and love relationships, and
  3. Focus on the Deeper Meaning to your life or doing something which provides a lasting sense of purpose and fulfillment to your life.

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing to realize is that you are a unique individual, and therapy for you must be individually tailored to fit your personality and needs.